Totally wireless table top for gadgets charging at events.
What is it?
Tabula Sense Stone is a totally wireless tabletop that can simultaneously charge six mobile devices in three different ways

It is specially designed for being used at events. It is handily placed on a standard cocktail table or just put on a banquet table
Body is made out of a solid piece of artificial stone. Fully hermetically sealed and anti-vandal.
70 cm
Tabletop diameter
80000 mAh
Batteries volume. It is approximately 35 iPhone6 batteries
from 300 cycles
Average recharging resource
6 gadgets
Can be charged simultaneously
Easy to store and recharge
Robust wheeled coffer with a built-in recharging system is included. Simply put tabletops into the coffer, connect it to power source 220 / 110. Central LED will indicate battery charge level. Car cigarette lighter can be used for charging as well
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